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Men and women, petitioners and respondents, straight and gay clients, and more. My goal is to be your counselor-at-law, advocate, and a trusted advisor.

Mediation, Settlement Negotiation, and Cooperative Divorce

Alternative Dispute Resolution includes ways of solving hard problems without the time or expense of a trial. With knowledge of many industries and specialized training in mediation, family mediation, and collaborative divorce, McBryde Law can help both sides reach an agreement they can live with.

Parentage and Fatherhood Determination

Unmarried moms and dads might need court orders or formal agreements to determine fatherhood or start timesharing and child support. I can work with you to prepare and file a parentage case.

Custody Changes

In New Mexico, parents who are fit and willing generally share legal custody and physical timesharing, but sometimes a parent might have visitation, not timesharing. What do these terms mean, and how does it work for your family?

In my practice, I've seen too many people spend too much time or money either demanding unreasonable custody or refusing to grant a co-parent reasonable custody. My goal is to help you make better custody decisions for your kids' sake.

If you're seeking more custody, I'll work with you on a path to help you show the courts that you're ready, fit, and willing.

Child Support

Helping parents figure out the right amount of child support based on New Mexico's guidelines and the reality of day-to-day life can be complicated. ​We help take some of the emotions out of it so you can have more certainty about support, medical and educational expenses, and other expenses considered by the courts.

Grandparents' Visitation

I believe most children benefit from healthy attachments to those adults who are bonded to them and who are capable of having safe and loving relationships with the kids. In New Mexico, grandparents in certain situations who have been blocked from contact with their grandchildren can request the court consider them for court-ordered visitation (even if a parent objects) so long as visitation is found to be in the best interests of the child. Let's discuss your particular situation to see what's possible for you.

Kinship Guardianship

Keeping children safe with their loved ones is as important to me. I am inspired by extended families and parents who want to love and protect children, especially in times of transition.


Pre-Nuptials and Post-Nuptials

Modern marriage is more than romance, it is also a contract between two very different people. Many of the anxieties of blending your life with another person can be avoided with an honest discussion before marriage (pre-nuptial) or when things change in a marriage (post-nuptial). The goal of a good agreement is to 1) avoid the disagreements in the future that can lead to a divorce and 2) allow the parties to move forward with more certainty if divorce is necessary. It all starts with a conversation.

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