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Deian McBryde for the Board of Bar Commissioners

Dear colleagues and friends in the 2nd Judicial District:


When I was a kid, I’d dream about things I wanted to do. My mom always told me, “They’re not hiring people from Mars; it’s just people like you and me.”

Some of you may know me as Chair of the Solo & Small Firm Section for 2021 and 2022. I am currently a national Council Member-at-Large for the ABA’s GPSolo Division and have been an active member of the GPSolo Membership, Member Benefits (former Vice Chair), and Programs Boards and a special advisor to the Division’s Diversity Board. Last year, 2021-2022, I was the GPSolo Director of Membership. I am one of two New Mexico attorneys in the LGBTQ+ Family Law Institute and a Barrister member of the American Inns of Court. Locally, I also serve on the Committee for Diversity in the Legal Profession. I have presented CLEs for the ABA, the State Bar of New Mexico, the national American Inns of Court, and the National LGBTQ Bar Association, and I have been a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation since 2020. Of course, I am especially proud of the McBryde Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students at the UNM School of Law, which I started in 2018.

I believe in our legal community and the good we do for each other. The role of the Bar is to help us be useful in our careers, serve clients with confidence, stay connected with colleagues and mentors, and know that we are part of something special. To the extent that I can help our association do these things better, I’m asking for your vote.

I’d be grateful to hear from you about how to “Make Our Bar Better.” Please give me a call, and let’s talk! Contact me directly at or (505) 465-9086.

Optionally, I’ll also be on Zoom for the next three Mondays at 4:30 p.m. to get to know you better and hear what’s on your mind. Click here to sign up for a “Make Our Bar Better” chat.

I hope to talk with you soon. Until then, remember that it’s not about people from Mars. It’s about you and me.


Deian McBryde, Esq.

Candidate for the Board of Bar Commissioners (2022)
Second Judicial District

How to pronounce Deian?

"DEE-in" rhymes with seein', bein', and believin'

Board of Bar Commissioners:
Candidate Questionnaire

Question: Why do you want to serve on the Board of Bar Commissioners?

Deian: We are a membership organization. Our governing body must hear a wide variety of members’ voices, including those who may not often go to events or join committees. My goal as a commissioner will be to share knowledge about the work of the Board, seek input from more members to do this work, and invite celebration and awareness of our members’ successes. I have helped increase participation and engagement by attorneys and firms locally and in the ABA. I want to help the BBC engage with members in new ways and encourage members to share what’s important to their lives and practice with each other and the Board.

Give your perspective on any important issues that you believe the profession and the State Bar should be addressing.

The fundamental human question is, “Am I safe?” This might mean, “Do I have the knowledge to do my job or run my business?” For newer lawyers, it might be, “How do I grow in this career.” Others may ask, “How do I find more opportunities in my job?” or “Can I be more efficient?” For some, the question is, “How do I stop or change my practice?” Members from diverse groups might wonder, “How can I be heard and respected?” And, of course, the question most of us ask ourselves every day: “Am I doing this right?” The State Bar should address the things members need to feel safe in their practice and safe when asking for help to make their careers great.

How well do you think the State Bar is fulfilling its mission and objectives?

The question answers itself when we ask members, “What is the State Bar’s mission?” In responding to this question, I had to look it up. Hint: It’s not on the homepage or the bylaws. So, if you’re reading this, I encourage you to look it up, find the mission, and then ask yourself, “Is this what the Bar does for my friends and me?” If you see opportunities to fulfill the mission better, please support me and engage with the BBC about what members need and expect from our Bar. The State Bar isn’t a “they” or “it” – it is “we” and “us.” To this end, I think we can do better and may even need a more precise mission to inspire broader member engagement.

What has been your involvement in the State Bar and/or other law-related organizations, such as national, local, and voluntary bars?

Chair, Solo and Small Firm (SSF), SSF Interaction and CLE committees; SBNM’s Committee for Diversity in the Legal Profession; NM Hispanic Bar Association; ABA’s GPSolo Division Council (member-at-large); ABA GPSolo Programs Board, Membership Board, Member Benefits Board (past Vice Chair), Diversity Board, and 2021-2022 Division Membership Director; SBNM Family Law, ADR, and Children’s Law sections; National LGBTQ+ Bar Association, NM LGBTQ Bar Association, and the LGBTQ+ Family Law Institute (National LGBTQ+ Bar and National Center for Lesbian Rights); Barrister, American Inns of Court; and Fellow, American Bar Foundation. Published in NM Bar Bulletin and GPSolo Magazine. Presented webinars and CLEs for SSF, ABA, ABA GPSolo, and the American Inns of Court. Sponsor of the McBryde Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students at UNM School of Law.

Provide a brief biography.

Deian McBryde is a mediator, family law attorney, and guardian ad litem. He is Chair of the Solo & Small Firm Section; Council member-at-large for the ABA’s General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division (GPSolo); coaches mediation at the law school; and has served on many committees and projects to support our legal community. Soon after becoming a licensed attorney, he founded the McBryde Scholarship at UNM School of Law for non-traditional students. Before practicing law, Deian was in private industry in insurance, event production, and business consulting, plus he has owned small businesses for over 25 years. He is a United States Air Force veteran who received many awards and accolades for his service as an enlisted airman. As several people know, Deian was once a professional musician and nightclub singer and is the rare practicing attorney in the State of New Mexico who once had backup dancers.

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